Pendulum clock red sphere 59cm white and crystal

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Pendulum clock made of glass and aluminum with red dial. Modern and beautiful design for any stay.
Quartz machinery, pendulum with oscillating movement
With dimensions of 59x20x7cm


2 years warranty
Delivery in about 5-6 days
Free shipping for orders over € 200
Prices with taxes included

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westminster pendulum clock with carrillon

The pendulum clock wall or desktop are watches made with quality materials.
Its machines are QUARTZ or MECHANICAL according to the chosen model.
They do not need assembly.
We serve all our watches assembled and ready to put into operation.
Just put the pendulum in its place and the right batteries if it is quartz.
Our pendulum clocks always have a 2 year warranty.
If a problem arises we collect and resend the customer.
If it can not be solved we replace with a completely new or same model.

It is the ideal gift for all occasions.

Pendulum clocks are characterized by using an oscillating weight (pendulum) to measure time.
In watches with mechanical machinery these can be adjusted with the rosquita that is in the pendulum.
In quartz it is merely ornamental.

From its invention in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens until the 1930s
Although the first design was GALILEO GALILEY that did not work,
the pendulum clock was the timing system
available more precise, so its use became widespread.


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